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Order any fabric swatch from £1.00* + P&P

We stock a huge collection of fabrics and do our best to describe the colour of each piece, both online and when you call us.  We observe each piece of fabric in natural daylight, to be able to assess the colour correctly, and then try to identify the name of the shade.  Try as we might, we can never guarantee exact colours or colour matching, simply because of the multitude of variations in colour shades, as well as the way colours and colour settings vary by device and monitor.

Equally, it is very important that you touch and feel the piece to understand the weight, flow and movement.  This is why we always encourage you to order a sample before purchasing your fabric or accessory to make an informed decision on your fabric selection.


There is a standard minimum £1** charge on a fabric swatch, however, this will vary depending on which fabric you choose.  Please get in touch to find out the prices before placing an order. Typically swatches are 10cm x 15cm.  For multiple swatches or for larger swatch sizes, please get in touch for more information.  We ship your swatches by the next day. 

*There is a minimum charge of £1 for any sample, but the exact cost will depend on which fabric you choose. Please enquire for more information.

**Excludes postage fee

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