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We specialise in high-quality, natural fibre fabrics from Italy, France, and Switzerland for all sorts of custom creations!  You’ll find everything from the simple everyday fabrics to the unusual, as well as unique and haute couture pieces for special occasions.

We're champions of serious quality.  We have very high standards when it comes to fabrics, and we have hand-selected every piece to ensure it measures up, carefully assessing for touch, fluidity, transparency and excellence.  Our selection of fabrics has built up exceedingly over the years!

As much as we would like to, we can’t possibly showcase online every piece we sell in-store.  However, as we transition to digital, you will begin to see and shop more of our collections here.  In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries and we will do our best to help you.




The truest wardrobe hero, Cotton needs no introduction. Ever practical and en vogue, it's rather hard to beat for its versatility. But not all cottons are made equal. Quality is key for comfort and durability. Come see our range in-store!



Few things are better than a luxurious tailored silk ensemble for all-year-round regalia. Known for its luster, shine and softness, Silk is a popular choice for adding a touch of glamour, or going all-out couture. As blouses, dresses, or scarves it can play many roles to creating the perfect look for simply any occasion.



We think Linen is a pretty big deal and no summertime wardrobe is complete without it. Amongst its various properties, pure linen can withstand high temperatures and it can absorb as much as 20% of its weight in moisture before feeling wet. It comfortably promises to improve your summer. Easy breezy.



Do try not to think of chunky socks and knitted sweaters when it comes to cozy Woolens. Besides its warming attribute, the fabric is wrinkle-resistant and odor-resistant and crafted in all kinds of softness that will make you melt. Besides its obvious functionality in apparel, design houses are now creating styles that are fashionable and wearable in any season. Go on! Wool out all the stops.



All eyes on our dazzling selection of luxury fabrics. Couture comes from the French word for dressmaking, and we kid you not, these fabrics are the stuff of dressmaking dreams. Produced to craft high-fashion garments these fabrics do not conform to any specific design, weave or material, and their superior craftmanship will create a truly unique piece of clothing.



Intricately woven and often powerfully etched with gold, silver and coloured metallics, Brocades are strikingly detailed and always in the mood to celebrate. This seasonless fabric is *the* pick for upscale occasionwear. Find many variations in-store; exuberant baroque, floral cloqué, silk moiré, geometric, abstract and more.



The benefit of this charming fabric is that it works for any and all occasions. It has all the properties of a good blouse or that silhouette with a floor-sweeping hemline. Guipure, chantilly, corded, crochet, embroidered, openwork, broderie Anglaise ...we have a plethora of options in stock to satisfy every style.


Liberty London

Liberty's love affair with charming floral patterns doesn't merely stop at pretty; you'll find sprightly, muted, modern and quirky all in the same season and they're immediately cheering. Their smooth plain-weave trademark cotton lawn, Tana, has been slowly and masterfully perfected since the late 1890s. Design yourself a floaty frock or a peplum blouse, stylish kaftan or a cozy pyjama set.

SS21-LOVE POP-102B.jpg


Designing a one-of-a-kind gown, sewn from scratch, will give your big day an even more special meaning for you. We have a superb selection of fabrics to suit your individual style.



Knits are the perfect transitional pieces to layer up for any time of the year the temperature drops just that little bit. Make easy-to-wear, light-hearted dresses, shirts, skirts or jackets, and even light-weight coats.



This seriously strokable fabric has a timeless appeal. Go for old Hollywood glamour or something slightly edgier - there are plenty of variations of this lustrous material, in different textures, patterns, and colours. Try printed, pleated, devoré, crushed, embossed, embroidered, stretched, or plain velvet. The garment will be a statement by itself.

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